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White Wall Brush Plate -WPCBRUSH

The Wall Brush Plate White – WPCBRUSH is a unique wall plate that allows cables to enter the wall cavity without the need for interconnecting wall plates. This wall plate is designed to provide a safe and secure way to enter the wall cavity and is ideal for use in homes and businesses alike. The wall plate is made from durable WPC material and features a brush seal that allows cables to enter without the need for additional wall plates. The wall plate is easy to install and provides a neat and tidy solution for cables entering the wall cavity.

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  • Made from a durable WPC material.
  • Designed to fit between wall studs and provide a neat, clean look.
  • Provides a secure connection between a wall and a mounted device or piece of equipment.
  • Can be cut to custom-fit any wall opening.
  • Provides a brush-like seal to keep dust and debris out of the wall cavity.
  • Easy to install and requires no special tools.
  • Can be painted to match the wall color.
  • Provides a neat and professional appearance.


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