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Dahua, Hikvision CCTV Security Cameras

Ensure that your property gets the best in digital protection thanks to the security system supply experts at Leeway Security and Automation. To continue to be Australia’s leading security system company we can supply our top of the line and high-definition security cameras to clients in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

Perfect for providing around the clock surveillance, our range of security cameras are ready for installation in homes, businesses, and other domestic and commercial environments. Our skilled and experienced team are on hand to consult with architects, builders, electricians and other professionals to determine the best placement of the security cameras in and outside of the property.

You won’t need eyes in the back of your head, with an array of CCTV monitors to suit any environment, we have you covered. Round out your security system with the right security camera solution.

We provide quality Dahua CCTV to Melbourne customers at an affordable price. Our range includes:

  • Dahua CCTV cameras
  • Dahua IP cameras
  • Dahua camera systems

A Dahua security camera will help you keep an eye peeled for all that is going on in your home or business.

In businesses, on construction sites, or in other situations where highly reliable surveillance is required, our Dahua or Hikvision security cameras can provide images rich in detail and with accurate colour rendition, even in situations with difficult lighting conditions or extreme lowlight environments.

Many of our cameras offer construction flexibility. Whether you need a system for a new or existing site there are possibilities to take advantage of existing cabling, and a model such as the Hikvision IP camera can make use of existing IP infrastructure.

Strong metal casings, compact designs, and options for motorised or fixed lens models ensure that there is a security camera system to suit your space. The brands we stock are renowned for their quality and durability, meaning you can find a top solution with Hikvision or Dahua CCTV. Australia’s premier security solutions are found here with a 3-year warranty guaranteeing all our products and services.

Boost home and business security today by getting in touch with our experts on 03 8839 0453. Able to deliver clear vision a variety of environments our security camera systems are suited for home surveillance, building site security, and as an accompaniment to commercial security systems. Based in Melbourne, Australian customers can consult with our team for outstanding and personalised advice regarding our modern security systems.