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IP Villa Outdoor Station & Indoor Monitor(DHI-KTP01)
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Video Intercom Systems in Melbourne

Front door intercom systems for home and business owners can provide complete control over who enters the property. At Leeway Security & Automation, we can provide electricians, architects, builders and security technicians with the latest video intercom systems in Melbourne from Dahua. This allows people to speak to and view visitors or trespassers who are outside their front door or gate, improving security and giving occupants the peace of mind they deserve.

Quality Intercom Solutions

The Leeway Security & Automation team can provide quality Dahua intercom solutions for residential and commercial properties of all types and sizes. Our wholesalers have multiple management system options for electricians, architects, builders and other professionals. This includes the possibility of CCTV and alarm integration, allowing you to give your Melbourne customers what they need to keep their property safe, secure and running smoothly.

Analog intercom systems or an IP intercom system can manage the ins and outs of a building very effectively. Whether your customers live in a bustling apartment building or need to control the flow of traffic in and out of a workplace, our traditional analog business or home intercom system in Melbourne is simple to use, features intuitive interfaces, and has crystal clear monitors, in addition to powerful in-built memory capabilities and night-vision features for unparalleled security.

Alternatively, if your customers are searching for something more flexible, a Dahua IP intercom setup is a great choice. An IP intercom system for home and business environments can operate using existing IP infrastructure, with sleek audio or video based systems available for added convenience. We make sure our solutions are sourced from the best brands, feature the latest mobile app integration technologies, are reliable and customisable, and are guaranteed to meet your customers’ needs.

Video Surveillance Suppliers in Australia that You Can Trust

At Leeway Security and Automation, it’s our ambition to supply the best and most responsive analog or wireless intercom system for home and business buildings across the country. With our responsive and high-quality video surveillance systems, your customers can feel safer and more secure. We also offer design and technical support that’s second to none in the industry. Ask us about the best solution for your customers’ space. Our team can help you to find a product at the right price for the allocated budget, with the flexibility to expand the intercom system should future security needs change. With our incredible range and expertise, it’s easy to see why we remain one of the most trusted choices for staying secure and connected in Australia.

Book a Consultation Today

Whether you want apartment intercom systems with video or an intercom customised to meet the needs of a business, we can help builders or architects integrate our systems into a property. Get in touch with our team for a consultation by calling (03) 8839 0453.