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Discover the ultimate solution for maintaining seamless power supply with the LA Vision UPS. Engineered to deliver unwavering performance and safeguard your valuable devices, this UPS is your steadfast partner in both residential and professional settings.

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Reliability Redefined
Model: UPS LA650VA / 390W
Experience the unwavering power prowess of the LA Vision UPS. With an impressive power rating of 650VA/390W, this device stands ready to provide uninterrupted energy flow, ensuring your devices remain operational during unexpected power fluctuations.

Voltage Fluctuations, Meet Your Match:
Input Voltage & Frequency: 230Vac 50HZ
Input Voltage Range: 140Vac~300Vac
Say goodbye to voltage-related worries. The LA Vision UPS boasts an expansive input voltage range, shielding your devices from voltage spikes and dips. Count on consistent and dependable power delivery, even when faced with challenging voltage conditions.

Power Wave Prowess:
Output Wave Form: Simulated Sine Wave
Output Voltage and Frequency: 230Vac 50HZ
Experience power continuity like never before. The simulated sine wave output of the LA Vision UPS guarantees stable and smooth energy distribution. Whether it's sensitive electronics or power-intensive appliances, this UPS ensures compatibility across the spectrum.

Battery Excellence
Battery: 12V/&Ahx 1Pcs
When the power goes out, the LA Vision UPS steps in. Equipped with a robust 12V/&Ahx battery, this device ensures reliable backup power, whether the outage is momentary or extended. Rest assured that your devices remain operational, no matter the circumstances.

Whisper-Quiet Performance
Noise Level: Less than 40 dB
Silence is golden, especially in your workspace. The LA Vision UPS operates at a mere whisper, producing less than 40 dB of noise. Enjoy a distraction-free environment as you focus on what truly matters.

Adaptable to Your Environment:
Operating Temperature: 0-45°C
Humidity: 0 to 9% RH @ 0-40°C (Non-Condensing)
The LA Vision UPS thrives in diverse environments. From scorching heat to humid conditions, its operating temperature range of 0-45°C and humidity resistance from 0 to 9% RH @ 0-40°C ensure unwavering performance in any situation.

Form Meets Function:
Approx. Dimensions D*W*H(mm): 306*86*140(mm)
Weight: 4.70kg
Elegance meets efficiency in the LA Vision UPS's sleek dimensions. Its compact form, measuring 306mm x 86mm x 140mm, saves space without compromising on performance. Weighing just 4.70kg, it's effortlessly portable for your convenience.

Invest in uninterrupted power with the LA Vision UPS – your steadfast shield against power disruptions. Whether you're at home, in the office, or indulging in entertainment, rest easy knowing your devices are powered and protected. Elevate your power backup experience – choose LA Vision UPS today.


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