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U-Prox MPX LE kit

Wireless alarm system kit: central panel with LTE+ Wi-Fi + Ethernet + Dual Sim communicator for monitoring stations and cloud, Li-ion back up battery 2600 mAh , 24 hours back up time. 3 U-Prox PIR motion detector (pet immune up to 20 kg) with CR123A lithium battery, home piezoelectric Siren with two CR123A and piezoelectric outdoor Siren with 4 CR123A lithium batteries.

“U-Prox Installer” mobile application and WEB-portal https://web-security.u-prox.systems/ for system setup.

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1 x Central panel with LTE+ Wi-Fi + Ethernet + Dual Sim communicator (UPROXMPX G/L/LE)
1 x Keypad U-Prox Keypad G1 (UPROXKEYPADG1)
3 x U-Prox Wireless PET PIR (UPROXPIR)
1 x Indoor wireless siren U-Prox Siren (UPROXSIREN)
1 x U-Prox Wireless Siren Outdoor (UPROXOUTDOORSIREN)



u-prox kit


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