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4MP WDR HDCVI IR Eyeball Motorized
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You will find a variety of quality 4MP security camera systems in the Leeway Security & Automation range, suitable for a variety of tasks. These tried and tested models can be adapted to existing coaxial infrastructure, making setup quick, simple, and more cost-effective. Each security camera system comes with a generous warranty, and our signature before and after sales support.

4MP Security Camera

We also carry a range of 4MP security cameras that will be well suited to mid-size to large business operations. The accurate colour rendition and detailed image capture of these security cameras (even when faced with complex lighting conditions) makes them useful within a wide range of security applications.

Dahua 4MP IP Cameras

With their superior image quality, and easy “plug and play” technology, it’s easy to see where Dahua 4MP IP cameras give an advantage over traditional analogue camera systems. If your customers value connectivity, and are asking for reliable security systems at affordable prices, then this range will offer the solution that you need.

Dahua 4MP Cameras

The Lite series of Dahua 4MP cameras offers an ideal solution for small to medium businesses who want flexibility and a high-quality image. These cameras come packaged in a compact design, while their lower prices make them a very competitive choice within their bracket. The rugged design protects the camera from water and dust intrusion in outdoor environments, giving you the confidence to install these clever cameras anywhere they’re needed.
Dahua 4MP Camera KIT-1
Dahua 4MP Camera KIT-2  
Dahua 4MP Camera KIT-3