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PR200 Proximity key tag

The Bosch Proximity Key Tag PR200 is a key fob designed to provide secure, convenient access to buildings, vehicles, and other controlled areas. This key tag features an RFID chip that can be programmed to access designated areas with a simple wave of the key tag. This sleek, compact design is easy to carry and use, and is compatible with most access control systems.

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  • Comes with a unique ID number, allowing easy identification and tracking of keys.
  • Weatherproof design ensures durability in any environment.
  • Key tag’s range is up to 10 meters, allowing users to open doors, gates, etc. without having to physically use their keys.
  • Works with Bosch’s Access Control System for enhanced security.
  • Programmable with either a one-time access code or an access list.
  • Easy to install and use


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