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IUI-SOL-TEXT LCD alphanumeric keypad for Solution 2000/3000

For commercial use, install the keypad in building entrances and areas with unrestricted access. Mounting a keypad near exterior doors in hotel or business lobbies allows people to identify the type and location of the emergency. For residential use, install the keypad near the front and rear entrances to the home. Install additional keypads in a kitchen or in a bedroom.

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  • Arm/ready to arm, all/part, trouble, and power status indicators
  • Separate mounting plate base and chassis design
  • Available with English function keys or icon function keys
  • 3-line LCD display with up to 18 characters
  • Menu-style user interface makes system operation simple and easy
  • Highly visible on arm, disarm, power and fault indicators
  • Simple installation with self-locking base




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