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Hanlong HT-352 Universal Cable Stripper

RG59/6/7/11, UTP/STP
2-Blade Coax / Twisted Pair / Wire Stripper

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  • Designed to use in networking of coax (Video), twisted pair (Data), telephone round and flat (voice) and other multi-conductor, AWG cables.
  • Features a u-shaped slot with blade height adjustment compatible for cable OD from 3.2mm to 8mm.
  • Integrated with a cable cutter for better and handy solution.
  • Flat cable 1/2” and 1/4” stripping length stop for user fast and efficiency work.
  • Black Velcro strip brushes the braids back over the cable jacket for connector termination easily.
  • Reversible & interchangeable cassettes for a variety of cables application.
  • Pre-set cassette with one side cable stop ensures consistency of strip length.


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