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    NanoStation 5AC

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    La 4gds W Ltewcdma


    4G Dual Sim WiFi Router
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    PFT3970 - Optical Module

    Optical Module
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    PFT3960 - Optical Module

    Optical Module
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    PFT3950 - Optical Module

    Optical Module
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    NanoStation NSM2 / NSM5

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    NanoStation LocoM2/ LocoM5

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    Nano Beam Nbe M5 19

    Nano Beam NBE-M5-19

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    Networking Device Suppliers

    Electricians, architects, builders and security technicians are often called upon to install or service networking devices for homes and businesses. Fortunately, the wholesalers at Leeway Security & Automation have everything you need. As leading networking device suppliers, we have various hardware options available that allow for the setup of communication and interaction between devices on a computer network. Whether you want a POE switch or 4G Wi-Fi router, we’ve got you covered.

    Our Range of Options

    We pride ourselves on being a router supplier in Victoria offering an impressive range of networking devices at wholesale prices. In addition to antennas, data cabinets and data cables, we can provide you with the following:
    • Power over Ethernet switches with as little as 4 ports and as many as 24 ports
    • Power over Ethernet converters that link fibre to copper
    • Outdoor 5G wireless video transmission devices
    • Optical modules
    • 4G Wi-Fi routers
    • And more
    Our products are highly useful for security applications, allowing multiple systems to be connected and form a cohesive network. This means that cameras, intercoms, alarms and access control devices can work together rather than separately to strengthen the overall security of a property.

    What Makes Us Different?

    Choose Leeway Security & Automation when you’re looking for networking device suppliers that stand head and shoulders above the crowd. We set ourselves apart by:
    • Supplying tradespeople with the best security and networking products at all times
    • Maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and reliability
    • Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, innovations and developments
    • Keeping prices competitive without sacrificing quality or taking shortcuts
    • Giving our clients confidence and peace of mind with a three year manufacturer warranty
    We’re confident that domestic and commercial security systems will perform much better when our products are utilised. Speak to us today and we’ll recommend the best products based on your requirements.

    Request a Quote from Our Experts

    If you’re looking for networking device suppliers, you can’t go wrong choosing Leeway Security & Automation. Check out our contact page for more details about how you can get in touch with us and request quotes, after which we’ll verify your authenticity and provide an accurate estimate.