If you’re looking for a top of the range CCTV camera for your customer’s home or business, look no further than Hikvision CCTV. At Leeway Security and Automation, we are proud to stock a range of Hikvision cameras, which offer you the very best in CCTV surveillance. Explore our range of Hikvision CCTV systems now and contact our team today to find the best product for the best price in Melbourne.

Hikvision Security Cameras

The Hikvision security cameras provided by Leeway Security and Automation are perfect for a range of commercial and residential properties. This includes the family home, residential apartment buildings, businesses, factories, and industrial facilities.

If you’re an electrician, architect, builder or security technician, Hikvision cameras provide a range of impressive features for your customers, including facial detection and full colour vision at night.

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Hikvision IP Cameras

IP cameras are a form of security camera similar to CCTV. However, IP cameras generally boast much higher resolution.

When you choose a Hikvision IP Camera from our team, you can enjoy features such as a wide field of vision, remote zoom options, and auto-focus functionality. Explore the full range of IP cameras available from Leeway Security and Automation, or call our team and we will match you with the best product for your needs.

Hikvision 4MP IP Cameras

A Hikvision 4MP IP camera provides all the security technology you need. The Hikvision 4MP cameras available from our team feature inclusions such as full-colour night vision, built-in speakers, false alarm technology, and much more.

Hikvision DVR

Ideal for commercial and residential installations, a Hikvision DVR will allow you to record, store, access, and review many hours of security footage. Smooth running and easy to set up, a Hikvision DVR is the perfect security companion to your array of Hikvision cameras.

What Makes Hikvision a Great CCTV System?

When it comes to CCTV and IP security cameras, Hikvision stands apart for several reasons. As a world-leading security provider, Hikvision never rests in the provision of automation and security solutions. The brand has invested heavily in research and development, allowing you to provide a range of leading solutions for household and commercial settings.

With Hikvision and Leeway Security and Automation on your side, you are guaranteed a great security outcome

Things That We Like about Hikvision as a Brand

  • World-leading provider of quality security systems
  • Backed by developments in tech, automation, and wireless systems
  • Great image quality for a price you can afford
  • High-resolution Hikvision IP cameras
  • Products that are easy to install

To get started with Hikvision security cameras in Melbourne, get in touch with Leeway Security and Automation today.


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